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Edelmann, with over 60 years of expertise, is recognized for its adaptability to market changes and technological advancements. Started as a mid-size company from Bavaria, Edelmann developed over the last decades into a world-wide known manufacturer of exceptional winders and slitters for the nonwoven industry. Our customers are located worldwide. Nonwovens are used in numerous hygienical, medical and technical applications as well as in our every day life. New material characteristics and application areas are developed daily.
Our every day work will be geared on following values:

Customer Focus
project engineering of customized solutions

decade-approved non-stop operations

Continuous innovation
foresighted machine advancement with high level of automation

supervision of product development, engineering, purchasing and production including service

through appropriate organizational structure, quick reaction to customer requests

Sustainable treatment of all resources
responsible handling of resources, efficient drive system design, energy recovery, special smooth-running bearings, aluminum or carbon fiber shafts
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