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1946founded by Mr. Friedrich Edelmann in Obernau, manufacturer of dry cleaning machines and cloth inspection machines for the textile industry
1972first nonwoven winder, non-stop with slitter
1973first non-stop in-line winder w/o buffer with 6 m width
1978Mr. Klaus G. Kühn takes over the company from Mr. Edelmann
1983first in-line slitter-winder with surface winding principle
1985first off-line system with winder and slitter
1986first non-stop slitter-winder with surface winding principle for textile nonwovens
1988moved to new location in Kleinwallstadt
1996Off-/In-Line lab machine for Thibeau test department
1996first automatic knife positioning system in an in-line slitter-winder with surface winding principle
1998first off-line system with winder and high-performance slitter of the new generation
1999first off-/in-line winding and slitting system for master rolls
2001off-/in-line lab machine for Nordson test department
2002off-/in-line lab machine for Reifenhäuser test department
2004off-/in-line lab machine for Neumag test department supply of first automatic core-cutter and positioning equipment for off-line machine avoiding spacer rings and plastic tubes
2007supply of first in-line slitter-winder with 660 m/min speed. Edelmann is sold to Jesús López Marín and remains privately held. To emphasise its future direction, the company is renamed Edelmann Technology
2008presentation of high-speed in-line winder with forward-looking technology at the INDEX, Geneva
2009During the INSIGHT2009 in Memphis, Tennessee, first time presentation of the Hybrid winding - the next generation winding technology !
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